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R, 15. nov


Taiji Klubi

"Love, Relationship, Freedom" workshop with Vasanti in Tallinn, Estonia

For couples and singles! Join us for this powerful weekend and embark on a unique journey into the realms of Love, Relationship, and Freedom!

"Love, Relationship, Freedom" workshop with Vasanti in Tallinn, Estonia
"Love, Relationship, Freedom" workshop with Vasanti in Tallinn, Estonia

Time & Location

15. nov 2024, 15:00 – 17. nov 2024, 17:00

Taiji Klubi, Pärnu mnt. 102, 11312 Tallinn, Estonia

About the event

Welcome dear! 

Embark on a unique journey into the realms of Love, Relationship, and Freedom! 

"The true adventure of life, the clear and lofty challenge is not to flee commitment but to dare it. Free is undoubtedly the one who, having looked in the face at the nature of love, sets out, ready to lose more than he thought he had and ready to gain what is not listed on any stock exchange"

Christiane Singer

This workshop will be in English with the translation to Estonian when needed. 

Who is this workshop for?

FOR COUPLES who are at early stages of their relationship or already well established, living together or not. 

FOR SINGLES  If you are at the moment not in a relationship, this is a great chance to learn to know yourself to attract the right partner.  

You can bring a friend or come alone and find a practice partner within the group. 

What is this workshop about: 

Relationship is a powerful matrix that generates a lot of projections where it is very easy to get lost by deviating from the original essence and the true quality of relationship. 

Intimate relationships are great and challenging at the same time. Men and women desperately and illusorily seek in each other what they deny within themselves.

It is common within couples to realize that despite the criteria we set, the attraction towards our partner is not a random occurrence. It stems from our unconsciousness – a true goldmine to explore. 

In this workshop, our aim is to celebrate the couple, become fully aware of the invisible bonds that connect us. Together, we will delve into the profound dynamics that influence our romantic relationships, bringing more clarity to your connection and fostering an authentic and fulfilling bond. The intention of this workshop is to help you to understand yourself better so you can share your life path with the companion you have chosen with more joy, ease, love and sacredness.

💕 Exploration of the Commitment Paradox

Delve into a profound understanding of freedom within a committed relationship. Uncover the nuances of freedom within a strong partnership.

💕Subtle Balance: Love and Autonomy

Learn to navigate the delicate balance between deep love and the fundamental need for autonomy.

Explore how freedom enhances relational fulfillment.

 💕Transcend the Boundaries of Commitment

 💕Discover all the Stages of the Relationship and how each stage unveils a unique aspect. 

 💕An invitation to find your Freedom in Commitment.

❤️You will learn how to celebrate you differences in a creative way

❤️Sexuality: You will learn how to include Sex and Heart in the relationship.

❤️Get inspired by Tantra: Come and discover new ways of being together, inspired by profound tools from the Tantric teachings. 

This insightful workshop will help you to get off to a good start in a relationship or revitalize your current one, break out of habit, clarify your respective needs and co-create a unique and original relationship so you can experience a new level of intimacy, renew desire and open up to more pleasure. 

It is a one-of-a-kind weekend journey that combines breathwork, consciousness exercises, massage, sharing, tantric practices, meditation, and dance. We'll take you through playful, delicious, sensual and meditative exercises in the heightened energy of the group. 

It will be a safe, well-held space that is respectful of everyone's limits, where you can relax and trust. We support participants to take their own responsibilities to express their needs and boundaries all the time. 

📆 TIME: 15-17 November 2024

Fri: 15.00-21.00, Sat: 10.00-21.00, Sun: 10.00-17.00

📍LOCATION: Taiji Keskus, Pärnu mnt 102 E section, Tallinn, Estonia


Early Bird: 299 euros (until 11.Oct).

Full price: 340 euros (after 11 Oct)

🍎🍏 Special price for couples:

Early Bird: 269 euros per person  (until 11 Oct)

Full Price: 310 euros per person  (after 11 Oct)

To save your spot, we ask a 100 euro deposit (non-refundable) per person. Transfer info will be sent to you in the registration email.  

Second part of the payment is expected also by bank transfer 2 weeks before the course starts. 

This is a non-residential workshop. Accommodation and food are not included in the workshop price. 

REGISTRATION: You can save your spot through this website: click registration and you will get all the info you need to sign up. 

Or let me know at or call +372 5210480. 

Please sing up in advance, spaces are limited.


Born in Bourgogne (France), mother of three children, Vasanti is an international Tantra facilitator, certified body psychotherapist of Sexual Grounding Therapy, Character-Analytic Vegetotherapy (VGA) and Original Body Therapy of Wilhelm Reich practitioner. She was also the training facilitator for the ”Ecstasy and Love” training with Margot Anand until 2014.

For more than 20 years, Vasanti's work has been deeply influenced by the vital force or sexual energy that constitutes our being and allows love to express itself. Whether through Tantra, through the teaching of Wilhelm Reich, or through Sexual Grounding Therapy, her work bridges between therapeutic work, ancestral rituals and Tantra.

Vasanti's work and courses are a lot about the integration of the complexity of a person in his psychic, physical and spiritual reality. In order to open ourselves to a better understanding of the functioning of sexual energy and to develop healthy relationships.

She has more than 20 years of experience of facilitating groups and courses.

She has had multicultural experiences with working people in France, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries. Vasanti is also a resident teacher of the annual Ibiza Tantra Festival.

She loves to work with different generations that led her to create at 2019 the first International Festival for young adults (18-35 years olds), the Impulse Festival in France.

What is important to me is to bring together the different paths invested in my life, to share my passions in order to transmit my passion for life.

Inspired by my travels in India and the Shivaite teaching of Babaji, by meeting remarkable beings and very complementary schools, and by my life as a woman and mother.

Lover of life, and involved in the ecosystem of life in all its forms, and for more than 15 years with the new generation.


You can read more about Vasanti here:

TESTIMONIALS from the participants of our last course: 

My highlights from the weekend workshop with Vasanti: 

- simple but profound techniques to learn about your ability to be either a relationship saboteur or a rock-solid partner.

- a safe atmosphere and powerfully effective practices for articulating, unloading and releasing negative relationship experiences.

- a safe and loving atmosphere throughout the course, including the opportunity to be there at the same time for singles, couples and people in a relationship who came alone - this gave a powerfully supported and diverse life experience.


Me and my husband are still in the bright afterglow of the course. Vasanti is a very powerful and special woman. I really liked her sincerity, warmth and fiery directness, how she skillfully approached the topics raised in the group and reflected everything back to us. The entire course had such a supportive and loving atmosphere that even the most difficult topics were dared to be spoken out and worked through together. I am deeply fascinated about  Vasantis skill to "read" people, clearly articulate their topic and then direct the process in such a way that no one gets hurt but everyone is ready to look in the mirror.

What resonated for me the most was that you have to be fully present in the relationship and do your part. "Don't be lazy"! . If there are problems and painful topics, then you have to talk about them clearly and make a desicion. We all come into a relationship with our own baggage, and it's best to accept the other person as they are and not make them fill the void in your life. 

It was nice to see from the reflections of other participants how much we all really care about our partners and how often we don't notice and acknowledge it and are only stuck in our own expectations.

Life is beautiful and we are very lucky to have someone who is willing to share it with us.

Thank you Kristiina for offering us such an opportunity and warm thanks to Vasant. You are wonderful women.


A very intense and relationship nourishing weekend!

Both sides must have their own space in the relationship and definitely work to find a common ground, through joint activities. You cannot take away a man's masculinity and a woman's femininity. Make effort to work out your stuff. Don't be lazy!

Vasanti is of course an exceptionally powerful woman. This course was like a live theater in the best sense, where we participants were the actors from life itself and Vasanti was the director of the play, guiding us on this profund journey of self-discovery. Vasanti knows how so well how to highlight the problematic areas in relationships without offending the person and reflect them from different angles. Grateful! 


Thanks for the opportunity to participate this a great workshop!! Two days passed like in the clouds and at the speed of light, accompanied by an excellent instructor and fantastic companions. All these sounds, breaths, talks and touches - huhhh!! At the moment, all this stuff is going around in my head, digesting this experience. Many new topics and questions are coming up, so in the future, I won't get bored looking for answers.


This course was something completely unexpected. I can truly say that it changes life and attitude towards life. The practices we did were simple and I have done some of them before. But… where Vasant placed the focus completely changed the experience of the practice.  I suddenly realized that this is also the case with everything else in life. The constellation-like etudes that she created for the participants' specific life situations were particularly impressive and ripped the curtain of ignorance from the eyes. I recognized myself and my relationship patterns a lot.  Now they became suddenly visible and understandable to me, but until now I had not even realized that such patterns created in childhood were driving my life.  

After the course, there is a feeling that the world is much wider and more understandable. I also experience great spaciousness and relaxation in my body. Many questions that I would not even have known to ask have been answered. 

It is also amazing that the whole weekend had a very relaxing effect on the physical body, it is nice and comfortable to be present in my body. I notice that quiet joy flickers in the corners of my mouth from time to time.

I am really looking forward to Vasanti coming back to do a follow-up course. There is a definite desire to dive deeper into the topic of understanding human relationships and creating and managing beautiful connections. At least for me, all kinds of relationships are the very thing that makes life either sweet or bitter. 


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